A couple months later, why did he let me go?

My ex clamied I was best girl he has ever dated, the 1st girl he ever wanted to marry etc. I broke up w/him because he started to act like I was a chore instead of loving me. I did attempt to talk to him about it and that was turned to be my fault. The week that I was debating breaking off the relationship, I showed very obvious signs and he picked up on those, he even said "I suspected you were going to break up w/me". Why didn't he stop me or try to work it out? Was I not worth anything to him? He did pour his heart out to me several days later, but I was so hurt that I didn't believe anything that he told me. Was he over the relationship or already seeing someone else?


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  • "Why didn't he stop me or try to work it out? "
    This is the "guy-should-fight-for-me' childish mentality that mature men are sick of. I personally am.

    "The week that I was debating breaking off the relationship"
    Did you talk about HOW you will work it out? NOPES
    you gave him an ultimatum that you'll leave. You put in no effort to worki it out yourself.

    If you aren't putting in any effort, why would he?

    • That week I did talk to him, he just tirned it on me. I also did bring up the issue a couple month previous, he freaked out that I would break up w him, absolutely nothing changed

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    • 'I did I told him I loved him and wanted to be w him"
      Again and again you're dodging my question. Did you say that you WANT to work it out?
      Nopes you didn't. That's the point. If you're not putting effort, neither should he,

    • Yes I did when he told me should just break I told him I wanted to work on it

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  • Maybe he was just too hurt and in shock to react. I've made the mistake of acting in this way before. If you love him you need to prove it, just as much as he does to you. Fight for him.
    Do you want to get back with him? Or are you simply wanting closure?


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