Is this enough to break up?

My boyfriend and I got into a fight last week. It was about how I felt that he was very narrowed minded in he thinks people should communicate. He told me that there would be one better than him, and the next relationship I have could be with someone physically abusive, and that the next guy could be an asshole enough that he wouldn't put up with my "bullshit". I only complain when it's something he's doing that I'm not okay with, and when I point the out he seems like he's not okay with constructive criticism. He also keeps saying that he wants a more independent woman even though I'm the one with the car and doing things for myself and being able to find a new job. He thinks I'm too naive about thinking I wouldn't end up in an abusive relationship and that I need to grow up. We had another fight 2 days ago over a video game, and he over reacted. It ended with him not walking me out his own house, and I had to shovel out my car from snow even though he was the one that wanted me to hang out with him despite the snow. He never communicates about his feelings or his mind. Its like talking to a wall. I don't feel like I get the emotional stability from him, because when I'm pouring my heart out, he doesn't comfort me. All he does is buy me stuff I don't need.

I don't know, I'm not sure what to do anymore.
I would like to add that I sometimes get upset easily, but I've been working to control my temper better.


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  • Yes it is

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