Why did he walk away again?

Since he broke up with me a few months ago he's been coming in and out of my life. He tends to get very close and lovey then backs off and stops contacting me. Just last month he was very close to me and we web chatted a lot and he told me he loved me and that he thinks about me all the time and wishes he could me the way he wants. But then a few days later he says that if by the time we're both 35 and still single that we will get married and live happy.

Then in at the end of last month he told me that I should find someone who will love me because he's not that guy. I told him thanks for breaking my heart and he said sorry for breaking your heart that's not my game. I didn't reply but he called me hours later and talked about dumb unrelated things. I ignored him for the next few days and he texted asking if I'm mad at him. But I ended up texting him and everything was fine until last Tuesday he seemed distant and like he didn't want to talk to me much even though e initiated. But I haven't spoken to him since Sunday.

He he always lets me down and I feel dumb for letting him stay in my life. I'm so sad and depressed because I still love him.


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  • i'm sorry to say but its time to move on and find someone who will be there for you full time not just when he wants to or feels he has to. i feel there's something more going on with him than what you see on the surface, sense he always seems to keep you at arms length away and never let you fully in. it like he is hiding something.


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