Bottom lip ring?

So everyone do you find this hot on a girl? I am thinking about doing it but not totally sure.

Also when you get it done do you have to get a hoop or can you get a stud until it's healed?

And finally left or right side?


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  • I like them. But then again, I've had my lip pierced for about four years. I started out with a ring, initially, but I've switched it up a lot with different rings and studs during that time. The piercer will give you a choice of what jewelry you'd prefer, but they'll advise that you start out with a ring, because it's better for cleaning your piercing, as you can move it around more. Proper cleaning is very important with a healing piercing. But whichever you pick, you really should wait several months before changing it. It might feel completely healed after a month or two, but it's not, and you don't want it to get infected if you try to switch out the jewelry. If you must change it, go back to your piercer and have them do it for you.

    As to which side you should get it on, that's up to you. If you have any other facial piercings, like a nostril piercing for example, you should get the lip piercing on the opposite side, to balance it out. I just personally happened to favor my left side, haha, but I have no other facial piercings at the moment.


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  • I'm not a fan of facial piercings on a girl.

  • lip rings on the bottom lip right side are sexy!


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