How do the hardest work? please help, everyone?

how to leave the person that i am in love with her, its hardest work, and i know the best thing is to leave her , she dosent love me , she isn't in love with me back, and all she ask is i be friend with her, but i know i should leave because its hurts, everytime i see her with another guy its hurt like hell, for her birthday i made party i did many things for her, sweetest things that can ever happen, and she said i made her happy and its great, but next day after it i saw her with another guy , and they were huging walking, and, they kind of were so close, and i thought they gonna kiss, and maybe they did , but for me its hurts , its feel like someone has take out my heart , and just pushing a kinfe in it, i dont know even how to write words in here, i just know the best work is to leave her, i dont want hurt again i dont want to be like this anymore, i just dont know how to do leave her, because everytime i want leave her, she say no, and i feel like , what if someday she be so sad and no one be next her to cheer her up ,,,, please help me, just please help


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  • Calm down, be patient. The right woman will come at the right time. Just try and distract yourself from her when you feel as though you can't stop thinking about her. You never know, she might be feeling exactly the same as you, you just don't know about it. Only time will tell. I wish you all the luck 😊.

    • And next time you see her, smile. You've got nothing to lose.

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