Whats his game?

Me and my ex have been split for 6months after we first split he went on about a bonus night i said i wasn't interested and was never spoken about again until recently. Weve been getting on really well last 2 months he keeps flirting with me and we always banter he was drunk Sunday and mentioned about the bonus night again and then did same thing last night. I said no both times im not like that and not interested in being my exs one nighter and told him only way we would have sex is if we was trying our relationship again as we have a child yet he still tried. Then today he was like i was drunk i blame tequila and starts going on about a girl he's chasing at the min and about snogging one the other night. Why he's telling me about his "sex life" and about being with other girls yet trying to have sex with me. Is he just trying to get laid or is he just trying to make me jealous and boost his ego after i said no. Or is it possible he wants to try again but doesn't want to say it and admit what he did wrong? If we had sex its not like we wouldn't ever see each other again we see each other 4 times a week when he sees our son surely for a guy going to an ex for sex when she has ur child is a no go?


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  • he's just trying to boost his ego cuz u keep shooting him down. If there was another chick, he wouldn't be bothering u so much. He sounds like a selfish person. I don't recommend getting back together with him... ever


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