Do you thinthink I still have a chance?

So I've been dating this guy for about seven months. Our last months were too harsh on us. I would always get angry at him or fight for stupid things. I had no trust in him because of an early relationship which broke my heart in pieces, cheating on me with at least four girls in three days. he was my first love. that made me think I could not trust any other guy who would cone into my life again.

well, in theory we broke up because we had a lot of fights. but of course we kept talking, seeing each other, and of course hooking up. like if nothing had happened.

on my birthday (29th january) everything went well. he gave me all the Game of thrones books because he knew I wanted them really bad, and it was an amazing gift for me because in my country, books are expensive AF (2500 pesos, I live in Argentina, and that's way TOO much money).

I was so nice and sweet to him that he even reconsidered getting back together. two days later I found out on facebook he liked another super hot girl picture and I got so angry and fought for him. he told me he's liked that picture a lot of days before and asked me " do you even remember how we were on those days?" and he was right. we were still fighting even though. we were not together anymore.

After seeing that like, I would tell him to go with that girl once and for all because they obviously liked each other. But he said he didn't want to. And I begged him to please make me forget him because it hurted me loving him so much. He said he didn't want to do that.

One day last week I got really angry with him and told him I wanted to finish things off and for him to go on with his life, and if he didn't want to be alone to go and look for that girl I've told y'all about. the one of the fb like.

Next day I regretted doing that and I came back to him begging pardon. he said he didn't want to ever get back with me that I've already let


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  • Honestly you blew it. No i'm not going to lie cause its not worth geting hurt over it.

    • yeayeah I know I feel like the worst shit in the whole world

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    • Thanks a lot..

    • ^w^ welcome I love saving people from disasters ^w^

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