Has anyone done no contact with an ex, and gotten back together?

just curious. im doing no contact with my ex right now.


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  • I got back together with an ex once, like 10 years ago. We dated few months, I realized I didn't really liked him that much (even though he was crazy about me and he was a good boyfriend), so I broke up with him. Few weeks later I saw him in a club with some other girl and I got jealous and I wanted him back. I called him to come over the next day and he did and we made out and we got back together. A month later, I realized I made a stupid mistake because I really wasn't into him at all, and I dumped him again. I didn't even feel bad about it because I was the most retarded, evil, bitch back then and I can't believe I did that. I'm ashamed of it now. We did talked few years later, when I grew up and there's no bad blood between us, but still, what I did is wrong. Conclusion: No, I didn't use no contact, I was very direct about it, and it didn't work out. All of my other exes were the ones doing the dumping and every one of them wanted to stay friends. Only friends. None of them ever tried to win me back.

  • Nope, I haven't


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