Why do I always think about the day my boyfriend and I will break up?

So i have been dating this amazing guy for 3 months. I have no doubt about our feelings towards each other. I have never felt so happy with someone and so comfortable immediately since we met. He is very sweet towards me, and highly affectionate. He never lets me forget that he likes me. We always have a good time together. The scenario that always plays in my mind is that he will leave me for someone who fits in with his life better?(we have very different religions). This haunts me and one day i couldn't help but show it and he was very upset with how i was thinking. If we were ever going to end up as something more i would want religion as part of our lives as i am not very religious. But i am afraid something will cause problems here with him or his family... Even though he claims his family is not very religious. I also know he has his own insecurities that i will leave him. I think we might have the same reasoning. So what are your opinions on this?


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  • You're still at 3 months of dating. If religion is apart of your daily lives and affects you both tremendously then it can be problematic because there will be big differences.


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