Is he being fair/reasonable?

Recently my boyfriend of a year walked put on me. He said that i need to find happiness in myself before we could be together. That i have to find happiness without him before we can be together again. And once i sort myself out he wil come back. I dont understand though because i am always happy and smiling. Its just when we fight that i get upset. I keep thinking if he really loved me he wouldn't have walked away. I stopped speaking to him after that, and a week later he made first contact asking if i am okay.. Im not sure what he wants. I honestly just want to know.. Should i move on or try work things out?


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  • I do believe in the notion of people being happy with themselves, before they can be happy with others.

    But in your case, it looks a bit dicey. he probably just wanted an excuse to break up with you.


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  • im kinda in the same situation. my boyfriend of a year just told me that he is stressed and needs time to find himself, but he also wants me to find my independence as he worries that i am too dependent on him. at the end of it all, i know he really loves me and cares for me, he is just doing what he thinks is right. if you trust him, you should trust his word. he is saying what he is saying because he cares about you. but also keep in mind it could have been an excuse to break up with you

    • Would you mind chatting to me? I mean not to be weird or anything but i would like to talk to someone who understands

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  • Keep trying till you find the answer, prove to him that you are happy with or without him. If he finds you happy, he will always want to be around you to share the happiness

  • Work things out its obvious though your painfully sensitive and your crying is dragging him down though.


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