Delete everything with your ex girlfriend? what is best idea?

delete everything with your ex girlfriend (her number facebook, and blocking her numbers) that you are in love with her, and she is nt in love with you back and she say you are just friend, and she dosent love you as much as you do, and she dosent care you as much as you do care her? what is the best idea, and if you have another idea please share with me
  • yes delete everything
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  • yes delete everything and block her numbers and all stuff
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  • no, dont delete everything
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  • no dont delete everything but be away and distract from her
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another idea, is that stay friend with her


Most Helpful Girl

  • Delete everything. Messages, pictures, posts on social media that are about her, etc. There's no need to block her, unless you suspect she might call you or that you might be tempted to look at her profile.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I couldn't delete everything. If you can, it might be best. What I did instead was hide it and make it really hard to get, backing it all up on external drives, encrypting it, making it just really hard to access but not impossible.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just delete everything. EVERYTHING


What Guys Said 2

  • Delete everything, but no need to block her.

  • I can't do that she has something of mine I have too get back I keep tabs on her


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