Why did he just stop talking to me?

He was texting me almost everyday and calling me 2 times a week, and just last Tuesday he seemed different like he really didn't want to talk to me. So I left him alone and on Saturday I texted him while he was at work at 7 am asking if he was mad at me and he responded "huh, what" then when he got home he texting me for a few hours then called me. Then the next day he asked me to send him a picture but I didn't see the text until a few hours later but I said I would if he wanted me to and he responds yes please so I did. But I haven't heard from him since Sunday.

His is birthday is coming up soon and he is going away for 3 days, he never said who he was going with. Could he be going with a girlfriend or someone that's why he is acting like this?


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  • Maybe he's a jerk 💁🏻


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  • How old is he and what type of picture did he ask for?

    • He's almost 32, and the picture was a nude but My face was not in it, I know it was stupid of me to do that.

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