My ex boyfriend is going on a date tomorrow?

I told him I loved his best friend but I dont and weve known each other for a year now. We dated for 11 months do you think hell like her or try to go back to me? she's also a cheerleader so im nervous cause Im nothing like a cheerleader. But he also is controlling kind of. Do you think hell ask her out?
  • hell go back to you
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  • he's going to like her
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  • he's going to ask her out and he's going to like her
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  • he won't ask her out and hell go back to you
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I tried to get him back yesterday he keeps telling me it won't work out with her


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  • He's going to like her cause he believes you moved on

    • i tried to get him back yesterday though

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    • he said he couldn't forgive me

    • and just to give him time but hb if he moves on and asks her out..

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  • honestly, just leave him alone. let him make his own decision.


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  • Nothing to gain from this, but i suppose if you want to chase a pointless cause you have to learn sooner or later. Its a part of growing up.


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