Should I contact her Boyfriend and inform him that she is cheating with multiple people?

She screwed around with me and friend of mine (and who knows who else) while playing head games and did all kinds of other awful things (there is so much more to this story)... I'm very anrgy & upset about it all and I feel like this is a weird way of doing the right thing & getting back at her.

  • Yes, contact him anonymously...
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  • No, it's not worth it, ride the anger out even if it takes months or years...
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  • Depends, can this come back to you somehow & cause you more problems?
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OMFG! I though it was implied/obvious that I wasn't aware... why would I care at all or consider telling the guy if I knew she was already in a relationship, why would I feel upset and deceived?

So NO I didn't know she was seeing someone.
Fuck! I can't seem to let this go... I want to do something so I no longer think about this and feel angry and upset.

But I can't decide whether to contact her to discuss this or to anonymously contact the guy... because I can't seem to move past this.


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  • Yes, you should do him a favor by letting him know that he is being betrayed on a disgusting, awful level. But you should also take accountability for choosing to be a catalyst to his heartache. If you were aware that she has a boyfriend and was cheating, then you should take accountability for being a piss poor human being and carelessly deciding that you would partake in her sleazy choice.

    • I didn't know she was seeing someone, she didn't even have the decency to admit she was seeing the guy after I caught her with him...

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    • Well it sounds like you kinda sorta reached a resolution? You still have feelings after she screwed you over and showed that no man can trust her?

    • With situations like these there are no resolutions to be found (well at least the one I might be hoping for because I still feel indifferent and she doesn't seem to care) so the only recourse is to learn to accept that... like I said learn to forgive without an apology.

      Sadly I'm a pretty emotional guy that's probably a main proponent of why I need to create art to express those emotions (lol even though I look like a punk rocker who would punch you in the face rather than get hung up on BS like this). So yeah I still have feelings otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it, frustratingly enough I usually think about this once a day either briefly or disgustingly longer than this deserves to be thought about - I know that's stupid but I dwell on things and it takes me a painfully long time to move past things like these (the OCD need to solve problems that can't be solved).

      Maybe I'll create some art with significance... maybe that will be the final resolution.

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  • Make sure it can't come back to bite you in the ass. Unless you knew she was with somebody, then you may or may not deserve what you get from it

    • I should know, I was one of the guys she used.

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    • That would probably be fine too, again, as long as you're not causing yourself problems or leaving a paper trail that would get you in trouble, because you had no idea what was going on

    • The only thing I'm worried about is the factor I didn't share... She's the ex girlfriend of a friend of mine (are friendship has been on the rocks because of her). They were dating for 2 years and she was living with him for one of those years, I heard some rumors about her cheating did a little research and looked like it was true so eventually shit hit the fan when I confronted her about it... I didn't have any 1st hand proof and I felt awful about how devastated my buddy was so I really stretched to make it look like I was wrong, and I believed I was wrong until she contacted me a year later after they broke up and well I found out I was right and that she seems to be pulling the same shtick with some else now...

      It's a long complicated story with plenty of deception & betrayal.

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  • This was a hard call. It can fall back on you like a ton of bricks. I voted anonymous information but you may just want to let it go. It could get even uglier. What a skank though! Make sure you didn't catch a disease!

    • lol I got checked, I'm as clean as Mr Clean... with high testosterone though.

    • Healthy then☆ If you see her, run Lol!

  • These things always have a way of coming out eventually.

  • it's better for him in the long run to break up with a cheating scum bag like her.

    • That is if he believes me.

  • He deserves to know that he's with a cunt.

    • I would say that it's "Not his place to say anything"... but if she's fucked around with the OP, than he's definitely already involved lol

    • @M_A_X exactly. I almost typed that too... Buuuut she deserves it for screwing with him too.

    • @M_A_X She did "fuck around" with me... It's a long story but I caught her on a date with guy it was very awkward I didn't know what to do because I didn't understand what was happening and I was being distracted by other things going on around me BUT I found out later that she had been seeing that guy before me and that she pulled the same BS with a friend of mine a month later while still seeing that same guy... She was also cheating on the last guys she was with pretty much every week.

  • I would be very thankful

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  • Yeah bro, call out them cheaters trust me, he'll appreciate it.

    • I've done it before in the past with a different situation (a friend)... he didn't appreciate it because he didn't believe me. Long story short he still thinks that she never cheated on him even though they are broken up and he & I are not really friends anymore.

      Only difference now is that I have absolute evidence because I was one of the guys she used.

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    • Great point, but I don't know if I want to play this role again... I reached out to her though, depending on how things go down I may or may not do that.

    • Eh, to me this is more of a moral obligation but, I can't force you to do anything. The decision is yours.

  • you can help save the guy from getting infections

  • I smell revenge desires here.


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