He asked for space. Gave it to him. Now he's keeping tabs on me?

My partner & I have been together for almost a year. We worked in the same building & we're planning to move in together in the summer. We blended our families. We got along well. Everything seemed great.

Then out of the blue he told me he wanted space. Felt I was too open about us with my work friends. Wanted privacy. Needed time. I tried (like an idiot) to get him to open up for about four days. Then I decided screw it, if I was this upset about him needing space, I needed my own. I transferred to another location, closer to home to better my family. I went back to the gym. Focused on being better at my job before the transfer. It felt good to have space, but it's been two weeks & now I miss him.

My coworkers keep telling he seems miserable. Asking when I'm in, and he keeps tabs on my social media & my personal blog (mostly fitness). Could it be he's done being angry & wants to work on it? Should I wait for him to talk to me or initiate contact? He's very passive aggressive & prone to overreaction, so I thought by giving him the space he wanted, he would have a chance to miss me & us. I miss him & our relationship, but I'm also not about to chase a man.



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What Guys Said 1

  • "Space" is a pussy word for breakup. Since he wanted the breakup he's the one that'll contact you if he wants you. He knows where you are and how to contact you. In the mean time move on with your life and if you meet someone better then his loss. Don't put your life on hold


What Girls Said 1

  • You should wait for him to contact you since he's the one who asked for space. trust me if he wants you he will contact you, if not then it's he's loss.


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