Can someone be a gentleman and act all gentlemany like and skill manipulate and use You?


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  • No, that's just not possible. If indeed he is a genuine guy, a true gentleman then it's not possible that he will ever manipulate you. However yes there are people who act, who show off, who fake in order to make someone like them, there are people who do all that.

    In that case if a guy was pretending to be like a gentleman then yes he can be manipulative.

    "Only if he is showing off/pretending", otherwise not.

    • How do you know the difference

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  • Yes a guy can do that. My ex told me how great of a guy he was (should have been a red flag) and at 1st he was wonderful (at least in my eyes), come to find out it was an act. You can only find out by spending a lot of time w him. Of course at the beginning its easy to keep the ruse, but no sustainable in the long run.

    • He was good in the long run
      Did your ex open doors for you and pay for everything

    • Yes he did hold doors open for me, but that doesn't change what kind of person he truly was. He was never concerned about me getting home safely, he would go inside the bar while I was showing my id and also he didn't seem concerned when my very loved pet ran away (partially his fault).

    • Oh see my boyfriend did.
      Did he buy things for you?

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  • Yes. That's what the modern "players" try to do these days, which makes it difficult for those that aren't acting and are true gentlemen.

    • We'll how do you tell the difference

    • I wish I knew. These damn "players" try to copy as much as they can from the genuine guys that it's gotten to the point where you can't. Not even us guys can really tell. Just look for any sort of deceiving/manipulating or any sort of bad signs. These "players" hide it pretty well, apparently. Probably because they come from the devil.

  • That's why he was being chivalrous to set a trap. He's evil

    • Will he be passionate with you too though

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    • With time

    • We'll I haven't seen anything like that

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