How would you react?

Ok so I'm keeping this short. I had a guy I became close with. Best friends actually. Knew everything about each other and got really close fast-- like we could read each other minds. He started catching feelings for me 3 months into our friendship but he had a girlfriend of 2 years.

He wanted to pursue me but I told him he had to be single. Now this guy did the most for me. Always trying to see me, cook for me, proving his worth to me. Even told me I inspired him in ways he's never been inspired.

So then 2 weeks ago he tells me he's dumped this girl. A week later I found out he had her on "a break" and they were technically still together. He's used to manipulating this girl to get what he wants cause she don't do shit. Me on the other hand is very secure in my position and I defend myself. Me and his girl are total opposites. She gets played and sticks around, I avoid getting played and assert my actions when I feel threatened.

So last Monday he admits to his girlfriend for cheating on her with me. Also tells her how for months he had been plotting on me, even met my parents. (I told him he had to tell her everything if he ever wanted to forgive himself)

This Monday (yes, 4 days ago) I cut him off. Out of anger of course cause I wasn't sure what he was doing and I didn't wanna be played again and he's acting like someone I don't recognize. So it was fear. I know I did the right thing but I really killed his ego. I told him:

"I don't like you, I don't respect you. Friends don't treat each other like this. Dont talk to me. Don't text me. Don't show up at my door wanting to fix our relationship after realizing how much you miss me. You're so used to having your way with (gf) that you forgot me and her are not the same *insert more insults to his personality*"

You get it. I was vicious, direct and harsh. Cause I know he is better than this. And I know their relationship is unhealthy.

My question is: how would you react to that text of this is someone you claimed you has such strong feelings for that she inspired you? I hope to hear from him when he gets his life together, despite what I said. I know I sound crazy but it's cause I know my worth and his potential. He's someone who likes to prove people wrong, but yesterday I realized he removed me as a friend. I'm looking at that as a good thing cause clearly I affect him.

I need male opinions! Hope he turns around soon!
He removed me as a friend on snapchat


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  • I don't know what I would do in that situation


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  • Honestly, I'd probably call you a few names and cut you off. It will probably be a while if you ever hear back from him. Which it seems like you'd have a toxic relationship so it may be for the better that you never speak again

  • Wow.. If you call this short, I'd hate to think what you call long!


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