Ex boyfriend got angry when I said I had moved on?

Long story short, he broke up with me. He gave me a false reason initially and eventually told the truth. I - not thinking rationally - asked if he wanted to give it another go. He gave me another excuse and I just realized he was flakey. I said that I'm ready to move on and that were never a good match. But then he got pissed and told me to shut up. What's his problem - does he want me to keep begging for him?


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  • He won't leave you alone because he hasn't really moved on and still likes you. If he didn't this wouldn't be a problem.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would waste no time, trying to figure out the answer to that question.
    If someone really wants you, nothing will stand in their way.
    He's not mentally mature.
    He wants the ball to be in his court.
    He wants to be the decision maker.
    Don't give him that power.
    Don't dwell over him, instead pick up the pieces and move on.
    I'd stop contact with him because clearly he has no respect for you.

    Some men feel fantastic when a woman, is spending her days crying about them, or wishing she had him in her life.
    This boosts the man's ego.
    Don't give him that power.


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