Will this make my ex stop from coming over?

Ok so my ex and I have been over for about 2 months. When we broke up he said he was interested in someone else. I cut off all communication with him up until 2 weeks ago he started coming around like almost everyday just to try and pick a fight with me even as early as 7 in the morning, and it got to the point where it got annoying. This past Tuesday he came over again and I just got a tv stand. He asked if he could come over after work to fix it. I told him no that a guy friend was going to help me. I just told him that to keep him from coming over. He hasn't come around since. You think that might've helped?


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  • Maybe it'll work, but it may put him into stalker mode. I find an official "no trespass" notice works pretty well. Failing that, a restraining order may be in order.

    • I don't understand like shouldn't his new interest not make him want to come over?

    • Maybe she broke up with him. Maybe he just can't make up his mind. I'm not going to pretend I know what's in his mind, because I've seen a lot of guys do irrational things after a breakup. If he comes over again after you've told him not to visit you again, contact the police. You'll need to start documenting this situation just in case it winds up in the legal realm.

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  • Different guys deal with break ups differently. First of all he wouldn't keep trying to come over if he didn't still care. Him being angry is just him trying to express a way that he's hurt (no it's not acceptable).
    2 months isn't a long time. Maybe he still isn't over you?

    • What about the new person he said he's interested in? I thought when you meet someone new you get over your ex completely?

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    • He was trying to see how you react by saying he's interested in another woman i. e. trying to make you jealous and put that thought in your mind. He wanted to make you worry. Could actually be one of the reasons he's lashing out. He's bothered by the fact that you don't seem to be bothered.

    • Well at first when he told me I was hurt and I tried to beg him to come back. (I regret doing that) it was just that day, and I just stopped myself. After that I didn't bother him again. I seen a hicky on his neck once or twice. He just doesn't talk about being with anyone though, and his FB page still has stuff about us and his status still says engaged.

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  • Maybe. If not, just get a restraining order and/or ignore him when/if he comes over.

  • It might work...


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