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Long story short I got my heart ripped off by the girl I was with for four years. Worst part is she made sure I was the one to break up with her and from sweet and loving beauty turned into cold, distant and hurtful person. But this is not the problem.

The reason I write here is because I've noticed something weird happening with myself now that've been single for a month. I do not feel heartbroken. The pain ended with the breakup. I feel diappointment, true, but that's just it. Nothing more. I've been dumped before and know the feeling but this is different. And every time I see a beautiful girl on the street the first though in my head isn't the normal "Wow! She's pretty! I want to talk to her!" but the alarm-like "Don't even think about it!". I've never had problems talking to girls but now I don't even want to be even close proximity to women I find attractive. I have to admit I find this new "feature" most troubling and was wondering if anyone else has faced such problem. Don't get me wrong - I've not turned into some rabid womanhater. I love women and want to have a serious girlfriend and at the same time I don't even want to think about it.


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  • Meh, you're fine, it's totally normal. When my ex of 4 years and I broke up, I also couldn't even imagine being near a guy, not even the hottest guy in the world. This lasted for like 3 months. And then, all of a sudden, I became this horny animal that gets off on any guy lol! I guess it was boiling up inside. It's been a year and I'm still a horny animal, and I like it. :D


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  • Not sure if I really have an opinion or input as much as I do am in the same situation. My girlfriend of three years and I had an almost perfect most amazing relationship and had even started talking about marriage. Then one day she all the sudden needed to find herself and didn't wanna be In a relationship with me or anyone. I was floored and beyond confused lost and hurt. But it quickly past and I wouldn't say I began to feel relief but in all honesty it was a sense of relief. I have also never had any issues talking to woman I have found attractive either until after my split with her i also want a serious lasting relationship but also don't even wanna think about it. My personal experience and belief is that its a cross between relief and pain all rolled into one because the one I thought was my forever flipped like a light switch. Just figured I'd share.


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