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I just got an iphone and was wondering what was the best protection for it. Like what kind of case/brand of case is best? Also, is just a case for the back good enough or do most iphone users also have a screen protector on their iphone? Thanks for the suggestions.


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  • You should check out I was sold on the Otterbox when a guy slid his iPhone across the floor with the case on and nothing happened to it! No cracked screen, no scratches, nothing! Some of the cases can be a little bulky, but there are a lot to choose from.


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  • invishield


    ghost armor

    its great

    just let someone else install it

  • i don't actually have a iphone but I know that the backs of them can get really scratched. I know that the screen on a iphone is made out of glass though so its quite hard to scratch but if you do drop it, its likely to shatter quite easily

    hope I helped


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