Guys, Does this mean he regrets losing me?

I broke up with my ex of a few years a year ago and we've seen each other once since then. Today I had to get something from him before I move like 900 miles away in a few days. He helped me with a situation (my fault) that cost him $200 that he insisted to pay for and then said I could hang for a bit at his place. He gave me a really long tight hug and said "I've missed you" then breathed me in and said I smelled good. He made me dinner. saying "the old Justin would hav started dinner hours from now" knowing that was a frustration I had with him. He also said it was his goal this year to get helathy be eating mostly chicken. At one point we were drinking and he started getting playfully frisky but no hook up. I ended up sleeping on his couch, which he fussed over me having enough blankets, pillows and water. The next day we watched some TV and no flirting, but when I mentionned I may need deoderent he said "cuz you smell" then quickly changed to "maybe I smell" when I gave him a look. He walked me to my car gave a nice hug then said "I'm sure we'll see eachother again." And complimented my sneakers lol.
Sooo do u think he regrets losing me or is still into me? Do you think he sees a future for us maybe down the road as I know mentally/emotionally he needs this time to himself.


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  • You broke up with him so she

    • Hi, thanks for response! It cut out?

    • It does that... Short answer is yes he regrets it and he's trying to prove that he's better but in reality he's not gonna change his ways

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