Why does he talk badly about me to other guys?

so my ex says sh*t to every guy about me. Like that I am bad at sex, I'm very loose, and I wear too much makeup that he has to change the sheets on his bed because they are all orange after we hangout, and that I'm retarded; and other stupid untrue sh*t like that. Well 2 weeks ago we talked about it, and he says that he does it because he cares about me, and this is showing how he actually does care. So how is that caring...? And he said because he gets jealous when I'm with other guys or when other guys wanna go after me. But HES the one who broke up with me. so why is HE doing this? And acting like a jerk and asshole; because its actually hurting me. I'm trying to move on, and every time I find a new guy, there he goes talking more sh*t about me or making something else up. I'm so fed up! And he never did this to any of his other ex girlfriends, just me, since when they break up; him and his exs are all friends, and his ex girlfriend still talk to him. Where as me, I ignore him, and don't talk to him.. So therefore he said I'm different. So why is he the one talking sh*t about me? he ended a relationship with me. And I don't even talk sh*t about him, even tho he broke up with me..


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  • He talks sh*t about you because he cares?

    Wow, that has to be one of the funniest comments of all time. It's rather odd that he's acting that way since he was the one that dumped you. By any chance did he try to get back together with you and you turned him down? Because that would explain it.

    Otherwise he's just upset that he doesn't have the same control over you that he does over his ex's (you ignore him, don't talk to him, etc). It's just his way of lashing out at you because he's angry.

  • he is imature. bitter,


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