Guys, do you ever forget your ex wife?

especially with you share a child together but your with somebody else now with kids as well? If by any chance you could be with her again would you take that chance? Simply, would you choose your first wife over your current wife any day if it was possible, and if so, why?
Esp *if you share a child together. But your with somebody else now even with kids.
Also can I ask how do you feel about your ex wife?


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  • If only,

    The woman that cheated on me multiple times...
    that abandoned me and our son...
    that even worked as a prostitute for a time...
    that offered to get back together (all sins forgiven, of course) provided I agree to an open marriage...
    that kidnapped my son when I filled for divorce...

    If only I could forget every bit about her.

    (I'm divorced, happily remarried for almost 10 years. I've had custody of my son since 2004. She remains every bit as f'ed up as she has ever been.)

  • Only when dementia sets in...

  • no, you never do


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