Guys, What do you think my ex wants from me?

I had to meet up with my ex (I broke up) to take care of something, but cost him $200 even though was my fault and he insisted paying. Then he invited me back to his place to hang out. I obliged, as I still needed to pick up something from his place anyways. So when I got there he gave me quite the bear hug said he missed me and then just hung out like old times. He was a bit playfully frisky with me but not beyond that. So anyways he walked me to my car the next day, another hug and said "I'm sure we'll see each other again." Which kinda surprised me because we would never run into eachother. I text him hours later saying thanks again for helping and the cash, and I would send a check. He replied with "There's no need to be sorry. It was good to see you/hang out with you. If you send a check I won't cash it ;)

Thing is he knows I'm leaving town (moving) to go far away in like a week, so I dunno if this was just him releasing pent up emotions of being broken up a year, or he hopes to reconcile in the future? His actions and words kinda confused me, lol.


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  • I think he missing you. And want every thing in good terms hoping maybe you. Can get back together in the future

    • Yeah, that's the impression I got too... So you think he still loves me then?

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  • Well sounds like he's flirting and that he said you'll see each other again means he hopes things will work out between you 2

    • @selmo93 yes, that is also the impression I got however I am moving and prob won't see him at least 6 months maybe a year from now and even then I'm not moving back. So I dunno how it would work out?

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  • Sounds like he wants to reconcile

    • Thanks for your reply! Yes, however he knows I'm moving across country in a few days so you think he regrets losing me and looking to keep me as a future option?

    • Ehh be careful. he's an ex for a reason. Where are you moving?

  • The honest answer is, he want sex that's why he is being so nice to you.

    • He had opportunity, and yet didn't take it. He was being sweet to me like old days up to my leaving knowing no sex, so that doesn't make sense?

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    • Well yes, that is why I'm confused since he knows I'm moving far away in a week so that wouldn't be possible?

    • Just wait it out and see what happens

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