If your partner became disabled would you leave him or her?

This applies if you are either married or just boyfriend/girlfriend
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  • Dafuqqq no! That's my BABABYYYYY! as long as he can still stick his beans in my burrito idgaf we're in this til the world cease's to exist. Point blank period. Idc if he was missing a arm, eye, had a melted face whatever once I'm your's. .. mf I'm your's😘🙌 #thuglife


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  • Funny thing, I remember standing up there and making some promises. One of which included the words, "For better or for worse."

    Those last 3 words?
    Not a joke.

    We keep our word, in this house.

    For better or for worse.

    Including best, and worst.

  • No, because if i love someone then i will remain loyal by their side no matter what we faced together. I would prove how much i do love him by being there for him when he needed me the most.

    Although it may be a daily challenge for us both , i would use it as an opportunity to show him the strength of my love for him. It is so easy for relationships to work when everything is going good and "plain-sailing" . True love is tested when two people face the hardest times of their life.

  • I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. I love the shit out of this man and would stand by him no matter how many limbs he lost or whether he became fully paralyzed.

    He is my best friend and my lover, I cannot see a future without him.

  • No. O:O


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