Girls, Why my (now) ex girlfriend blocked me from whatsapp and deleted me from Facebook?

I dumped her and she instantly blocked me from whatsapp and deleted me from Facebook and asked me to do the same.

I dumped her because I discovered she was having contact with another guy asking him to see him soon and telling him that she wanted him and missed him so much and wanted to meet with him and work out some relationship.

She came to me crying and asking me not leave her.

At first she wholeheartedly denied being in contact with the guy, not to mention wanting to start a relationship with him.

But at the end and after four days of she crying she confessed it was true and added that she knew and kissed that guy 2 years ago when she and I had a break of about 4 months in a row with absolute no contact. She insisted they had no sex but admitted kiss and caressing in his car. Insisted that was 2 years ago when during our break.

She added she contacted him again because she was sad to know (a month before) I invited to dinner and cinema two girls, which is true.

I said to her I don't believed there was no sex and I added I don't believe such meeting with that guy happened 2 years ago but that I think such meeting happened a few days ago and I believe they had sex.

So I told her this is over, I can’t be with a woman I don’t believe her words. She cried and begged not to finish it all, she wanted to marry, have kids, said she loved me like no other, that she couldnt love me more because her love for me was the biggest and that she wanted everything and live a life together and that the other guy means nothing.

After so much talk I said I don't believe a word you say.

She stopped crying and got somewhat angry and she said "Now I want nothing with you so please block me from whatsapp and delete me from FB as I would do the same I don't want anything to do with you eve


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  • She blocked you because she's upset with you over that whole situation. Simple as that.