I can't get over my ex?

I miss him so much and think of him everyday. we broke up nine months ago but we just stopped seeing each other about two weeks ago. we dated 2.5 years and he used to say I was the love of this life and he was always going to love me and we were going to get married but now he says he has no feelings and things are done for good and he doesn't want to be a part of each others lives. is there any way he will regret this later on? he's really into partying right now and being single but is there a chance once he leaves his party days behinds and begins looking for a wife he will want me back? he says he has feelings for another girl now, but he said he can't see himself ending up with her. (shes in a sorority and parties and drinks and talks to a lot of guys- was nominated as biggest flirt at her school. they live in different states and only see each other about 4 times a year at parties)
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  • I should tell you that your poll doesn't match your question. The reason you can't get over him, quite frankly, is because you won't stop thinking about him. Distract yourself and, over time, you'll forget about it. Unless you're waiting for him to eventually come back and start dating you, in which case, you will never get over him.

    • the thing is I am waiting for him to eventually come back...

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    • even if he says he doesn't have any feelings for me? do you think if I go NC for four months, then see him and do my best to appear happy, strong, and look good, that there is a chance he will miss me or regret leaving me?

    • It's possible but I can't tell you how likely it is.

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