Any advice on my RELATIONSHIP? thanks for your time?

Okay I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 26 Me and My, Girlfriend have been going out for a few months and I found out that she's talking to her ex and is remainings friend with him, She knows whenever she says his name it pisses me off, and I found and out she's texting him behind my back... But didn't tell me because she didn't want to hurt me, They meet for tea and chill out for a bit every so often and remain friends... I know her texts were nothing to worry about as its no flirting, x's etc...(Since i looked through her phone) I know it was bad for me but I felt uneasy.

She went out with this guy for 10 years... I just think EX'S REMAIN in the past. But she wants to be friends with him... ADVICE. please.


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  • I don't see any problems here. If you know someone for 10 years, you have a special bond with them and it's not easy to just cut that person out of your life. You should stop being so paranoid. Also, looking through her phone? Not cool.


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