Ladies, Angry Ex?

A few weeks ago, I recieved a job offer back near where I went to college.
The position is probably temporary - but I need the credit on my resume.

I have an ex-gf that still lives in town, and we had a weird, tense break up.

So I called her old number up to make nice.
Since, I am going to be in town and probably hanging out at the old spots.
NO - I dont intend on avoiding the trendy spots in town to avoid someone!!

I thought it was a coordial thing to do.
I didn't just want to surprise her one day walking into the same place she was at.

Well, anyway... her mom was there and answered.
After we talked for a bit, she said... oh yeah we really liked you.. please call tommorrow.. i will talk to her. I thought cool, maybe I can wipe the slate clean right?

So I called back a few days later.
Her mom answered again and her tone was like - YOU BASTARD - I WILL %^&%$$ you up!!
NEVER CALL HERE again! (She went from cool.. cool.. you are great guy.. to this!)

We had a weird break up sure, childish games sure, but not that kind of ANGRY?

I mean, its been a couple of years... she was slighly pissed at me.. but this sounds like boiling point!

Maybe I should turn down the job offer, sounds like i might get shot going back there!

What do you think?

  • Don't go back there and risk it!
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  • Go back there but tread lightly - don't go to places where you might bump into her crazy ass!
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  • Its probably nothing... its all good.
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  • Just move on she doesn't want you


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