Is he really sorry?

He was my friend for 2 years thn we got into a relationship. But just after 2 months he broke up hurting me a lot. He didn't mention any reason clearly. After breaking up he deactivated his id for 2 days rather than blocking me. Then he blocked me. He also unblocked one of his old crush's id and started liking her pix n updates. He also contacted another girl n proposed her. But after one month he unblocked me. Now it's 6 months when he has come back saying sorry. He is telling his bestie that he loves me but he'll never tell me because he isn't worth me. He wants to meet me, is he really sorry? Does he wants me but isn't telling out off guilt feeling? I'm confused as I knew him, he wasn't a flirter rather he is reader, he writes poems. Can A boy with such qualities b so mean?


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  • Girl red flag all over. Have you read what you have typed? Is that how you want to be treated? He is not worth it. It is your choice to give him a chance but I do not think he is sorry. He seems to be a horrible person. I don't care how sorry he is. He shouldn't have blocked you if you haven't anything wrong. Or talk to other girls while reaching out for you. Fuck boy. Not worth your time but it is your choice at the end

  • He might have simply blocked you to try to move on. If you still care, give him a chance to meet up and explain everything. Has he contacted you directly to ask you to meet up with him?

    • Yes... he came to my friend's house at our get together, ( he wasn't invited, it was a girs' party).
      It was totally unexpected, he asked me to stay but I couldn't. There was also d girl he proposed.

    • You mean he's engaged to another girl?

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