Is it just attention?

I have an ex who I would go hell and back for she broke up with me for no reason at all. in her own words I was the perfect boyfriend "the flame just ran out" but yet she said she stil loved me just not how I want her too. It hurts a lot when she also just kept saying I deserve better than her when all I wanted was just to love her. Her favorite line to me is if we're meant to be we'll find a way to be with one another again she got in a, couple relationships and now is engaged after awhile my heart could no longer put up with pain and I reached a level of sadness I never knew existed. So I cut contact besides birthdays. I texted her calling her by her real name and she got upset because I didn't call her red the nickname I gave to her in our relationship, this confused me. She tries to get personal and ask questions but I don't allow it anymore. She'll like my posts on FB sometimes comment but everytime I get on snap chat she has to be first to watch or if I see a new video popped up with her name she's watching mine. She scrolls through old IG pics and makes sure to call me 11:59 on my birthday every year she's confused me for so long I don't know what's what anymore guys so I just leave her be to be happy with her fiance but damn. I know if she would stop speaking to me id think it meant leave me alone but she doesn't do that. Anyways so do you guys think it's the attention she misses or is it genuine love she has for me and could be afraid of something?


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  • I think that she is trying to be polite you should find someone else then spend time thinking about her just say hey once in a while


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