Guys, if a girl is always at the beck of your call, but then disappears, how do you feel?

Lets say a girl who you used to date is always asking to see you, texting and snap chatting you. you also ask to see her a few times. you guys hang out quite a lot, each time it is as if you are still dating. one day you tell her you dont want to continue seeing her, that you dont have feelings and to please move on. She finally moves on, and no longer asks to see you or tries to contact you. After about 5 months of no contact, you see her looking great and seemingly happy. how do you feel?
  • I feel relieved. Im glad she's out of my life!
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  • Regretful. Did I make a mistake by letting her go when she loved me so much?
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  • relieved ofc :)
    "About time!"

    • it doesn't make you feel like, "damn. maybe I shouldn't have let her go"?

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    • ok thank you

    • You're welcome ^-^

  • The best way I could describe it is: like my PlayStation broke. When I know its working I know I can play it if I want. If it's broken, it stresses me out and I want to play it when I otherwise wouldn't.


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