I did so much for my ex and he threw it all away? Will he ever realize what he lost?

here are some things I would do for him while we were dating for two and a half years:

-advent calendars with little presents leading up to holidays, big gift on the day of the holiday
-care baskets with his favorite snacks, drinks and candy
-cookie cakes for his sport events/birthday
-handmade cards
-baked/cooked for him
-bought him clothes and food
-christmas/halloween/easter baskets
-gave him picture frames of us
-planned fun dates for us (movies, dinner, holiday themed dates, movie nights, etc.)
-made him a scrapbook with pictures of us
-decorated gingerbread houses, carved pumpkins, went apple picking and ice skating together (my idea always)
-cleaned his room for him

he used to always say he was so lucky to have me and he was never going to find anyone like me and he would refer to me as the "wifey".

I did all this, as well as other thoughtful things, and I ended up getting cheated on and dumped. now he doesn't even want to be a part of each others lives. he says he has no feelings and he has moved on and is into partying and being single.

why did he end up taking me for granted? will he regret this one day when he realizes how special I was and how much I loved him?
  • he'll regret it when he's older and realizes women like you are not easy to come across.
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  • he won't regret it because he doesn't have feelings and doesn't care about you.
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I would also bring him donuts and milk for breakfast and I would always have his favorite food and snacks at my house.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He will regret this one day. And when that day comes, you'll probably be happily married and laughing at his stupid ass. Guys like him will usually mess up their lives, so don't be wasting your tears on him and move on strong.

    • thank you for your advice:)

Most Helpful Girl

  • He got too comfortable around you and took you for granted.
    Don't worry, assholes like those have karma to get back at them.
    He probably wants some chill time cuz maybe he found you "clingy". When he gets tired of chilling he'll realize what he missed out.
    Note : don't don't don't get back with him later.

    • Please listen to her and DON'T GET BACK with him.

      And good luck. There are nicer guys out there. ;)

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What Guys Said 10

  • If you did those things out of making an obligation for him to do something in return, then no, he will never "realize" what you did for him, because it came with a cost. If you did it out of true selfless devotion, then yes, he may regret losing you.

  • Well because doing so many things he may think that, she's really obedient so i can get away with things. As well as Doing all those things will make him think you love him more than he loves you.

    He might regret it but it will be after a long time, or he just simple find another girl that does what you do but more.

    From what you wrote you do sound like you do a lot but maybe don't go overboard to the next guy, as they say why put so much effort over a person your not sure that would feel the same way about you.

    Start with small things then later on do these things, Do what you feel is right and if he feels the same way.

    • Lol, guys who think loke that dont deserve the women described.

    • @genuinlysensitive what do you mean? @applegoppy thanks for the advice! but he always said he loved me more than I loved him, and he also did special things for me from time to time.

  • If he didn't regret cheating on you right away, I don't think he will regret it later either, sorry.

    A friend cheated on his girlfriend while he was inebriated and he told her later. They broke up and now he says he misses her a lot BUT he still says he likes being single and the party lifestyle so there's nothing stopping people like this. I know this was for the best.

    • Also, cheers to you for being a thoughtful and caring girlfriend

  • you have given out so many things.. no matter who ever is in his life when looks back defenetly you would be there in his thoughts and he will regret. ship never sails smooth in ocean it has to face tides of time. if you ask me, what ever you have done is enough for him to feel bad if you want yourself to be happy leave him and find a new one who cares for you, who loves you more than you do.

    • thanks for your advice:)

  • Yeah he's a moron, your the total opposite of what my ex is. She's cold, cruel, and uncaring. At least you know you were doing the right things If he didn't get that that's on him not you.

    • thanks :) are there a lot of girls like me out there? I don't want him to find better :(

    • I've only been with one and she was exactly what I was looking for on the outside. I think she must have been hollow on the inside, only took about a month and a half for her mask to fall off and show who she really was. From most stories I've heard there aren't many. I think you should find a better guy, that's just my opinion. I mean anybody that can just cast someone aside that cares for them has serious problems. I'm starting to think everyone in the whole country is either too high or too drunk to make any good decisions.

  • He might not. But, you sound like a great girlfriend; so, don't worry.

  • I will be honest. He will miss what you did for him but he will not regret it. A lot of what you did is like icing on a cake that is relationship. It's nice but that's not what you are in a relationship for. Of he was rich, he could hire a personal assistant to do all that with professional touch.

    You don't fall in love to a guy who keep giving you gifts. You might appreciate what he did but you know that love is more than that. Similarly, you will remember and miss the little things but you know that those aren't what make your relationship.

  • One chapter ends, another begins. Eh, you lavished attention on the wrong guy. It's a learning process.

  • Did he say why he left?

    • he told me it was because he felt bad for cheating after I had been so good to me, but later he said it was because he wanted to be single.

    • You smothered him, imho

  • Did you both have sex with each other?


What Girls Said 4

  • Here's the thing. He will eventually regret his mistake. But right now he probably doesn't care. I don't mean to sound rude, but that's just how some people are. I've dated MANY guys like this. I did so many nice things for my bf's, just like you. I was told I would make such a great wife and that they didn't deserve all the fuss I made over them and that they were really lucky to have me.

    Well I'm 26 years old and still not married, I'm single and those guys have all moved on. One of them even has a kid on the way!

    I think eventually he will realize the mistake he made. But please do not sit and worry about him. Worry about yourself. You deserve so much better than to worry about some guy who was willing to give you up.

    Go out with your friends, enjoy being single, and keep improving yourself. Honestly, there are so many guys who talk to me now and are blown away by the fact that I am still single. I'm being very selective who gets to end up with me because I have been through so much. A guy is going to have to be pretty amazing to win me over.

  • I would not worry what he thinks because he is no longer a part of your life. I did so many things for my ex (cooking, cleaning, taking care of him etc) and he was always telling me how lucky he was, we talked about marriage too. He ended up using my kindness and when I approached him about it, he called me crazy. I am done w/him, I am living my life regardless of him realizing his loss or not, in the end he isn't a loss to me. Do not waste your time wondering what he is thinking, that doesn't do you any favors.

  • you are a lovely girlfriend
    i hope you find a good boy

  • eh. some people never get it.


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