Moving On?

Alright I figured I might as well give this a try because the advice I'm getting from others isn't really helping me. This isn't about a girl or anything just about me and a few guys sort of changing where we hang out.. I mean it's not a serious problem I'm just trying to make the right decision, because our group of people is being split in two because of this er move.. and I really don't want to feel like I ditching anyone because they are all close friends.

Basically I just want to know what I should do because this (even though it sounds like a stupid question) is getting to me :l I mean I honestly can't ask anyone of my friends because they'll just tell me to do what their doing so I'm hoping asking people that have no idea who I am works (Y)

Yeah anyway I don't really hate anyone over where people are moving but like - my ex girlfriend's there, and we haven't talked in - ages.. and I kinda wanna keep it that way, I've been using that as my excuse so far and I don't really want to make it awkward for her around her friends, I already have once apparently. Thanks to anyone that wants to help me with this haha ;)


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