Girls, Reason for this behavior?

Long story short I have blocked my ex of all social medias about 6 months ago, to help me move on and get her out of my head. I also ignore her if we meet in puplic, and she does the same now...
I went to the supermarked where she works, but I avoided the department she works in. Just went straight over to look at some stuff for the house. But for some odd reason she also came over to the exact same aisle, and pretended to be looking at some stuff as well. Litterally no more than 6 ft away. Just stood there, pretending she was interested in the tings on the shelf, without a word. I found what I was looking for and left the store. But I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day.

Any idea here?

If it helps she has done something similar at the gym. We dont look at eachother, we have no contact or anything. But if I walk away and into another area of the gym I have seen her turning around searching with her eyes. Like she is trying to find out where I am, and if I am still able to see her.
Also: if it helps at all, she often talk to guys at the gym when we are close to eachother. It just seems fake how much she laughs at everything they say, and is being very flirty...


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  • It sounds like she still has feelings for you, and is subtly trying to be near you but doesn't realize how obvious she is making herself look. I kind of did something similar with my ex. But he really expected to be friends. I don't want any kind of contact with him right now

    • Kinda what I was thinking. She wants to be noticed.

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    • That she still wants you. Sometimes emotions get the best of us, but I don't think that you have anything to worry about

    • Thank You for the MHO. I'm so glad I could help!

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