Why did my ex text me Happy Valentine's Day?

I dated this girl for 3 months. Everything seemed to be going well. But she ended it out of no where. She couldn't give me a real reason why. We came home from taking a trip together, then 3 days later, she wanted to stay at my parents with me. A day after that, I went to her families place for a Christmas party. I met 20 of her family members. Two days after that we had New Years eve plans. New Year's Eve went well. We even slept together. But she ended it out of no where on Jan. 1st. The other couple I went out with was floored. They didn't see it coming.

Fast forward two weeks, she deletes me off of Facebook and all social media. Then two weeks later, she sends me a happy Valentine's Day text with kissy faces. She also called me asking if I got them (I didn't respond to her texts). She was drunk. So why did she send me those texts? Why did she contact me? I haven't spoke to her since we broke up 30 plus days ago.


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  • She was drunk. I think you're way better off without her.

  • a little WTF would do.