2 months and still can't get her off my mind. Any help/ideas?

Me and my ex broke up around exam week 2 months ago. She broke up with me because she thought we were too different. She's sporty and Im not that sporty, she's outgoing and im not that outgoing and just a bunch of different things. We took a break once becasue she didn't feel the "spark" but we talked everything out and got back together. Then we hung out again and I went to church with her and we went to her house then out to eat with her family and then back to her house. Everything was normal she seemed really interested in me. She always wanted me to hold her hand and be with her and she took a lot of cute pictures with each other, cuddled and watched the best of me, then I helped her parents with the christams tree and I just felt like I belonged. Then on the car ride home she sent me all of the pics and when I got home we usually facetime every night before we went to bed. Sometimes we'd even fall asleep on it with eahc other. She always said she loved waking up to the sound of my voice. But this time, she didn't want to facetime becasue she was studying for exams with her friend over facetime so I just okay and we didn't facetime. The next morning she was acting strange/different. I told her I love her and she didn't seem like she wanted to say it back. Then we talked about everything and she said she didn't feel the same way anymore. She wasn't that interested when we talked, she was bored, and she's felt this way before so she said maybe it means something. So we broke up. She started dating someone 3 days later. They're still together. I've tried to talk to her about stuff but she says we were just "too different" and I miss her. I've tried to move on but I can't stop thinking of her. The first time we talked we were watching TWD and the season just started again today and I can't stop thinking of her. It's hard to move on I'm talking to this girl rn that I like but I don't know if she likes me so is there anything I can do to forget her. I think its best.


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  • You have to accept that she doesn't have feelings for you anymore. She is seeing someone new and you should do the same. Get your life busy, workout, church, friends. You're still very young and there are plenty of interesting girls out there


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