No contact with ex?

Who think it's possible/ who has had an ex come back after breaking up a second time?


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  • It all depends on what you're asking. Are u asking if you shouldn't have contact with your ex?

    • No. I'm asking if people have had an ex after breaking up for a second time & doing not contact

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    • Yes that's what I'm asking

    • I have seen and heard about people following the no contact rule after a break up and discovering that their ex's want them back. I myself went through a break-up a fee weeks ago, and I'm following the no contact rule for 30 days. He has texted/called me a few times after that. He hasn't recently. But I think this 30 day no contact rule is good because it helps you to discover yourself and whether or not you really want them back. Like right now I'm using my spce to focus on different things I didn't focus on while in a relationship. And now I don't think I really want him back the way I did a few weeks ago. I mean you really discover things when you take that space and power back for yourself. So in conclusion, yes, there is a good chance that your ex will want you back if you just drop all contact with them for 30 days. Also, if you would like I could send u the link to a YouTube about why it's important to take this time and not contact your ex.

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