Girls, what is the best way to steal a girl from a shitty man?

He is beating her, and i don't want to steal her, more so save her from the abuse or give her confedince to leave.


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  • I agree that she's the only one who can save herself. But your intention is good, so maybe just be there whenever she needs support. In time she may realize that she deserves someone that treats her well.

    • i dont want to be with her. just want to get her away from him. thinking maybe showing her she can get attention from other guys may give her a boost of confidence.

  • Only she can save her. If she's still hanging around she feels there's something to save there.

    • so i should just end him

    • Lol whatever you think hit man. I'm just saying that if she wanted saving she would save herself. I think your heart's obviously in the right place, but don't count on her leaving until she's ready

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