A horribly poor excuse to break up: Advice for a friend. Any ideas?

Ok so the other day my friend asked me for relationship advice

(He knows i've been through a lot of shit)

This is the conversation:

Friend: Has **** ever said like she wants to end it and never gave a reason like she would say idk?

Me: lol why do you ask? relationship troubles?

(I explain a little bit of what I know from my knowledge)

Me: Well once she told me that we should stop talking. That was when things were going downhill. But I kind of messed it up by over reacting. Cursing her out lol. And then I tried to apologize. Then she screamed at me crying, she jumped on me, throwing her books at me. A month after things cooled (barely) She told me that she wasn't going to talk to me until she feels I respect her. This was all before I bought her the ring and that stuff.

( I busted my f*cking ass to get her back, Trust me, she did not make it easy. When I bought her a ring she denied it before I even opened the box, then she said wait, let me see it, and then she told me to return it. She was brutal. People tell me that I must have been insane.)

Anyways, the conversation.

Friend: Nothing like that is happening but out of nowhere she wants to break up with me

Me: Why? did she say?

Friend: Something physiological she doesn't know why, but it will get better I know it

(We converse about my car, work, the gym, hanging out)

*Earlier today I message my friend*

Me: have you talked to your girl since that last message?

Friend: Yeah I think she's fine now I spent the weekend with her it seemed normal thank god

(This is the end on the conversation but I am a bit skeptic about what he last said if it is true. Also I feel like she was making up a bullshit excuse to break up, . Your thoughts?)


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  • There's never a "poor excuse" for a break up.


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