So here we go again. I told her yesterday don't contact me unless she needs or wants me and all the sudden less than24 hours later she messages?

It's Valentine's Day and don't hear anything all day since telling her at 8 pm last night to only contact me if she needs me or decides she wants to be with me. But it's only a hope you had a great day and then segways into the same old bs of saying what others have said or done is a big issue. Have told her as I did tonight that that is them and not me and I shouldn't be held accountable for someone else's actions or words without proof. Yet that's her biggest and about only reason as to why she doesn't wanna be with me not even date after three years together? Wtf. Does she honestly have possible mental issues or just that insecure?

Valentines Day

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  • But she was with you for 3 years. that pretty decent time to know a person inside and out or MOST. I think that if she was serious, she wouldve already contacted and set up a meeting for your two.


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Valentines Day