Will this make my ex keep him from coming over all the time?

My ex and I have been over for 2 months. He said he was interested in someone else, and during that time he was a complete asshole. We have a daughter together. I went no contact with him, and figured if he wanted to see our daughter that he was going to have to put in that effort himself. At first he didn't come around as much up until 3 weeks ago he started showing up out of nowhere to see our daughter even as early as 7 AM. He doesn't really spend time with her, but uses most of it arguing with me. It's starting to get annoying on how he shows up unannounced. I tell him to text or call, but he never does. Anyway, this past Tuesday he bought a bed for our daughter, and he wanted to set it up for her after work, but I told him I was going to have a guy friend do it for me. I just said that to not make him come over that evening. He hasn't come around since, do you think that might've made him back off a little?


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