My ex only wanted to be friends while I still love her, I said no thanks and walked away. How should I respond if she reaches out for my b-day?

My ex broke up with me last August, We've been in contact, went on unofficial dates and had sex occasionaly. We've tried taking some time apart, but one of us always reached out. We got stuck in this grey-zone that lead to nowhere... 10 days ago I told her I still love her to bits and wondered if we could work on a future together. She told me she only wanted to be friends, that she is unclear of her feelings.

I told her that I don't want to be friends, that I'm only interested in romance and that if she ever changed her mind, she could contact me. And.. walked away. It has been 10 days of mutual NC, it's hard... but knowing that chasing isn't going to solve anything I have peace with the decision.

The fact is that it's my birthday next week, I am kinda scared if she is going to send me a message or not... and how I should respond with 'getting her back' as a mindset. What would be her motivation to send me a message and how should I interpret or respond?


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  • I know how you feel, because I'm in a similar situation with my ex.

    Firstly, you need to stop focusing on getting her back. Sounds scary, right? Well, things tend to get easier once you relax and learn to stay in tune with the present. Secondly, if she responds you should ignore her. If she calls, act happy and cut it short. I have a text from a get your ex back program that I could share with you, but I need to retrieve it first, so hold on.


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  • It's difficult to say, since your response and interpretation will depend upon the type of message she sends you, which could be a simple message of well wishes or, and an effort to reconcile.


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