Why did my ex do this?

Me and myex broke up 5 months ago, now he acts extremely man whorish and consieted after the breakup when he didn't used to act like that before, he's touching other girls innapropriately in front of me.
Well we both volunteer at a haunted house together and yesterday we were having a valentines day show and they put me in the room that he was stage managing!!
I almost had an anxiety attack and I stalled for a hour before I even went into his room.
I talked to my friend Kayla who is also a stage manager and she was running low on actors so she asked my ex to bring me specifically and he took my friend to her instead.
Why didn't he just take me? and Why does he act so snobby now?
Also before this he had not seen me in 5 months

Valentines Day

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  • He resents you, and he's thrown off a bit from reality.


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  • Sounds to me like he is trying to make you jealous. He sounds like a real jerk. I hope that you are able to stay away from him!

Valentines Day