Why is she trying to reconnect a year after a bad break up?

We had a good relationship that lasted 2.5 years but ended with a bad break up. I suspected her of cheating i had no proof but i always had a feeling. or it could've been my trust issues. We were long distance for the majority of the relationship but i would do my best to see her on the weekends. When i moved back closer to home things seemed different and 6 months later she broke up with me. Her reason for leaving was "I dont know who i am when im with you" and "i need to figure out who i am by myself". I didn't take the break up well. I was a mess for a long while especially because i had no idea why she left. I didn't hear from her at all since she had blocked me from social media. It took about a year to get over her and I still struggle at times. I tried dating since then but it wasn't the same. Im colder and more careful than before. Looks dont just cut it anymore, i need to find someone i can trust and it seems impossible. I went from being a very loving person to being more careful and conserved and its ruined about 2 potential relationship opportunities.

Anyways, about 3 weeks ago she sent me a request on instagram and i accepted. Being as curious as i am i sent her one too. She accepted immediately and liked a pic i took of me and a female friend so im guessing she thinks im wth her, i did nothing. She had me blocked on Instagram and Facebook so this was new and spontaneous. I wasn't sure what i expected from approving the requestand following her back but ever since then I've been remembering all the bad times and how much I've been hurt and let down in the relationship. I thought she would contact me or something more than just the request but so far nothing so having her as a friend is kind of pointless. This is new and surprising to me because all I've wanted from her for a long time was any type of contact fron her until very recently.

Why is she doing this after such a long time?
I was also thinking of unfriending her and just not hsve any contact with her at all anymore. Woulf that be a good decison?


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  • Well it's 1 of 2 things...1.) she wants you back in her life as a person and wants to reconnect on a personal level
    2. She still has feelings for you and wants to see if she has a shot at starting over (re-connection on an intimate level)


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