Why do I feel empty?

I recently broke up with my long term, long distance boyfriend, and instead of the rush of emotions you should usually feel, whether that be happiness, or heartbreak, I feel empty. Im not feeling any sadness or upset, or happiness even though I was the one who broke it off. Why is this?


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  • You didn't love him maybe and no you're bored


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  • I broke up with my long distance and long term boyfriend too, last night.
    1.5 years physically together and then 2 years long distance.
    There were a lot of problems dealing with the distance and I'm sure you did too.
    From your post I can see that you still care for him despite having to break up. I love my bad too but had to break up.
    I would normally feel sad but this time I feel very weird. Somewhat empty Maybe? I'm not sure.
    Maybe you've been through many fights and temporary break ups with him before this? Maybe you still are yet to realize that it's the final break up?


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  • From my experience, it's sort of a shock. You know out happened but you haven't really accepted it. It sunk in for me after a week or so.

    IF it doesn't, maybe you were ready to move on and it doesn't phase you.

  • Probably as you were expecting it for a while... emotionally youd already left.

  • There could be many reasons why you're not feeling anything.
    - the reality hasn't set it yet. You might still be in shock.
    - depending on your relationship beforehand, you might have gotten over him long before you broke up with him.
    - You're not an emotional person. Lots of people feel empty after a break up.
    - Did you give a whole lot of yourself in this relationship? Sometimes, when you put so much effort in a relationship and it ends, that whole part you think you've given feels gone to you, and you feel empty.
    Give this time. There's nothing wrong with you, you're probably in shock or relieved. Now is the time to grow as a person and learn about yourself :)


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