Whats going on w my ex gf?

My ex girlfriend left me a month ago she still wanted to stay in touch but i did not want to fall in a friend zone trap or serve as a plan b. At first we talked and would hang out but i stopped, i have started ignoring her for about the last 10 days and she has called me and texted me several times. She found out that i blocked her calls and still attempts to call and text. Could she possibly want me back. I told her a while back that i can't be friends w her. Im also doing this bc of the no contact rule. My last hopeWhats going on w my ex gf?


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  • She most likely does want to get back with you and regrets leaving but has to much pride to say.. She's hoping you will chase her but obviously because she ended you don't want to do that. Why did she end it?

    • I guess she lost attraction or love for me

    • Did she say that or was there something in the relationship she wasn't happy with?

    • Her first excuse was that she wasn't sure what love is anymore then she said she feels like she can't be herself.

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