I feel so confused, What happened to the person I knew for two months?

We have been dating for 2 months, it felt magical I guess. He was a very sweet guy, the first guy who called me beautiful, and he even told me that he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life me with me until we die, and we are still in freshmen. He said he liked me since last year, but he didn't ask me out because I was dating his friend, also we never talked before. He always teased me during the beginning of the year and my feelings for him flourished. when my friend told him that I liked him he said that he liked me too, so we started dating. We held hands, we went on dates, we had our first kiss, he made promises of never letting me go and that he will never get tired of me. We even talk about our future since he said he wanted to marry me, he said about having two kids, and get married 2 years after college, where to live, etc... I thought it was weird but it wasn't the first time that a guy told me he wanted to spend his future with me, but I lied to him, I told him he was my first kiss just because I wanted to forget about my first kiss with a guy who wasn't worth it, and about being the first guy who I discuss about marriage and future. But after 3 days when I told him the truth he wanted to breakup, me being strong I said that it was fine. After a week I was still devastated, but I didn't cry for some reason, I tough I loved him. When I got into my art class, I had to sit next to his best friend, after just a few minutes we started talking and out of nowhere he told me about my ex and asking some questions, but what he said hurt me a lot. He told me that while I was dating his friend, my ex told him and his friends that I was being clingy and that we didn't communicate much. Also that I asked him out, that I was the one who started the marriage thingy, and that I was the one planning every single thing of our future, when it was both of us... what happened go him? I don't know what to do. What happened to the guy I used to love?


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  • Young love burns hot and strong butterflys and nervous looks. But when things start to get real it can be scary and crazy. learn from this and be thankful for the time you had together


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