What should I do (Does she want to stay friends)?

I went on a date with this girl it went well, we arranged a second date but she cancelled amd said her ex wants to get back together. We met up as friends the next day though and had a few (or many) drinks, the next day I asked for clarification on where we stood, she asked could we just be friends and that she wants to give her ex another go. She went on to say she'd be gutted if I didn't want to be friends, and that she really enjoys talking to me and hanging out. I said that I felt the same, she asked if I was okay with it and understood how hard it can be to put aside feelings for someone and just be okay with being friends, I said I wanted to remain friends. We continued talking for a little bit, but the replies from each of us took longer and longer to come. It's now at the stage where relpies from her take many hours to come or she doesn't reply at all, I sent her one yesterday saying something and she said she forgot to reply and we sent a couple of quick messages and then she stopped again. Does this mean despite all she said that she really doesn't want to be friends or is she trying to give me time to get over her and then wants to be friends? Should I ask her if she really wants to be friends and just to tell me if she doesn't so I don't continue to waste mt time on someone who doesn't want to? Or should I just send her another text starting a new converstaion? Thanks.

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She said that she liked me and that if it wasn't for her ex she would really want to give us a go, could it be that she feels awkward being friends with someone she said that to?


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  • She wants to be friends but I feel like she is keeping you around incase things dont go well with him.


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